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Dave Moran

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Teaching Year 5 in Karamu


Bachelor of Teaching


General Information

I’m a dad of a pigeon pair, both of whom attended Ngahinapouri School a while ago and are all grown up now. It’s an enormous privilege to work at our school and even after many years it’s still my dream job. The kids here are truly fantastic, and the feeling of community and support from parents and the other staff is outstanding. I love to see siblings growing up through school - you get to know the families really well.
I have fairly old-fashioned values – I like to teach children about respect and thinking of others. Writing is a big passion for me - particularly story writing (narrative). I think it's a good creative pursuit, but also has practical applications for the future. I love science and mathematics for their value in real-life problem solving. I also like to have the occasional laugh – school should be fun too!

In my spare time I love to get out in my little yellow mini (called Edmond), and finding places of beauty to photograph (you don’t have to go very far in New Zealand!). I've been known to swing a hammer from time to time as well. Family time is hugely important to me, and together we support my wife in her role as a professional musician.