Ngahinapouri School - Strive to Improve - We are learning to be seekers, creators and users of knowledge


Teaching and Learning


At Ngahinapouri School we want to develop learners who


·   Think Critically and Creatively

·   Are Literate and Numerate

·   Display Key Competencies

·   Embrace our School Values

·   Live Active and Healthy Lives


At Ngahinapouri School effective teaching is


·   Curriculum Based

·   Meaningful and Relevant

·   Differentiated


In our classroom our goal is to have….


  • Happy, busy students and interactions with peers and teacher.

  • Opportunities for every child to make progress

  • Exchange of information and learning of skills.

  • Students engaged in learning in a variety of situations.

  • Discussion, sharing and evidence of work in the room.

  • Safe secure classrooms where students are valued.

  • Teachers being positive, catering for individual needs and providing good role models.

  • Students who are self -motivated, happy and able to resolve differences well.

  • A balanced curriculum.

  • Attractive environment, respect shown for others.

  • Clear guidelines and expectations.