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The purpose of this page is to provide information to parents of new entrant children starting in the Centre


Ngahinapouri School

Welcome to our school and our Junior Centre. We look forward to meeting you and your child. Please contact the school to put your child on our pre – enrol list and to make an appointment see our Principal, Wayne Asplin for a tour of the school and to get an information pack. You will also get the opportunity to meet Kari Hinett (Ms H), who is the lead teacher for The Centre. Your child will be allocated to a Whanau (family) class with one of the teachers in The Centre – Ms H or Miss Rochelle Lile.  Ms H will teach your child for Maths, Reading and Writing

 There will be two different dates each term that 5 year olds can start school - the first day of each term and a date in the middle of the  term. 

The Ministry of Education sets these mid-term dates - see below: 

 2020 mid- term dates for schools implementing cohort entry












2/06/2020 (Tuesday)












Skills to work on

We feel that it is important for your child to achieve success at school by being able to participate in everyday activities. We provide the children with many new experiences as well as building on prior experiences from home and kindergarten.
To help your child to develop independence for school, it would be ideal if your child could…

·      Hold a pencil correctly

·      Recognise and write their own name

·      Use scissors for cutting out

·      Be able to dress and undress themselves e.g. managing warm tops in winter and togs in summer

·      Put on their own shoes

·      Manage the toilet unassisted

·      Know the basic colours and be able to colour in pictures

·      Sit still and listen for short periods of time (5-10mins)

·      Follow simple instructions


School visits

In the two weeks prior to your child starting school, they will have four school visits. Kari will notify you of these dates.


Visit 1

9 – 11:15

Bring your child's school bag, a small snack for 9:30, morning tea and a drink bottle. Please report to the office at about 8:45 to get an enrolment form and your child's book bag containing all the necessary stationery. The book bags sold through the office are the correct size and are easy for the children to use so we request that you do not buy another type of book bag. Adriana Whautere (school secretary) or Kari Hinett will escort you to The Centre. Your child will be allocated a spot for their bag and shoes and then be taken into their classroom. Ms H will keep the stationery and issue it to your child as it is needed. The school day starts at 9 o' clock. Although it is not required, you are welcome to stay in the classroom with your child for this first visit. At 10:45 the children have their morning tea and play until 11:15. You may take your child home after morning tea. If you would like to pick them up during morning tea, please let the teacher know.


Visits 2 – 4

9 – 1:50pm

Bring your child's school bag, a small snack for 9:30, morning tea, lunch and a drink bottle. We would prefer that you settle your child and then leave them so that they can get to know their new class. Lunch is at 1 o' clock and after a supervised lunch, the children play until 1:50pm. You may take your child home after lunch. If you would like to pick them up during lunch time, please let the teacher know.