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Help us find a name!

Ngahinapouri Community Group - Help us find a name……

Over the past few years the Ngahinapouri Community Group has been fundraising for the tennis court upgrade that is now underway. The upgrade is stage one of ‘Creating a hub for central, safe, shared infrastructure’ that can be used to enhance the Ngahinapouri Community. The next stages of this work will be the construction of a pavilion and public toilet facilities between Reid Park and the newly upgraded tennis courts and working with Waipa District Council to get the realignment of Reid Road underway as soon as possible.

The end result of this will be some great facilities for our community to use with our families and to connect with each other through social, school and sporting events, and we want your help in finding a catchy name for it.

Here are some words that represent what we’re trying to achieve

· Community
· Shared
· Family
· Central
· Social
· Shared
· Fun
· Sport
· Learning
· Growing
· Ngahinapouri

If you’ve got a suggestion for a name for these great community facilities that encompasses some or all of the words above, send it through to us at by 13 November. We’ll take three of those suggestions and put them to a community vote later in November.

Here’s the draft concept plan for Ngahinapouri developed in conjunction with Waipa District Council a couple of years ago